Flying Solo

I’ve always had big dreams to travel, it may have started in high school with my first out of state road trip to Baltimore, Maryland with my best friends and no parents (This one’s for you Erin!). However, I’m almost positive my need to travel started long before that trip. I was always dreaming of the places in the world I would someday see, of the people I would meet and the paths I would follow. I had a list a mile long of where I would go. Time passed, I traveled throughout the United States and than I turned 28 and I realized something.

I had not even begun to travel. Sure I had explored a good portion of the United States, but those were never my dream. By this point I had been to the majority of the Caribbean and Mexico, all of which are places my mom loves (she has this thing about the ocean and palm trees). When I turned 28, after being challenged to create a list of 100 Dreams, I realized I hadn’t crossed off any of the places I wanted to see.

The trips I was taking were the dreams of others. We booked a cruise leaving from San Juan, it was something my mom always wanted to do, she loved San Juan, after numerous talks I finally had to tell her that San Juan was her dream and not mine. In fact most of our vacations were the things she dreamed of seeing, I never regret the trips I’ve taken with my mom, and I will continue to take them but I realized that in choosing vacations I was going on her dream trips and not my own.

So what did I do? I started with the place I dreamed of going since as long as I could remember and began to scour the internet in search of a deal to get to the United Kingdom. I asked various friends to join me on my first adventure across the pond and after half-hearted commitments and people willing to talk about going but not willing to save for the adventure I realized that if I kept waiting for other people, or joining others on their vacations I would never make it to the places I dreamed of.

For a few months, I researched and planned and looked at schedules and finally with the help of Travelocity, I booked the trip. Out of that desire to travel and explore the world and talking to friends who also decided to no longer wait for others to travel was where this blog was born from.

Each time I mention travelling alone, the majority of responses are ‘That’s Brave” “I could never do that” “Shouldn’t you wait until you have someone to go with?”

The truth is I’m no longer willing to wait. If I wait any longer I fear I won’t see all the places I dreamed of, if one day someone decides to join me in my exploration, I won’t say no. But for now I will explore the world by Flying Solo.


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