Fernweh: An ache for distant places

Fernweh: An ache for distant places. A craving to travel.

Fernweh, a German world that has no true English definition, since I am not German I cannot understand the true meaning of this word culturally, but from everything I read this word courses through me. This word is defined as the opposite of home-sickness.

I dream of far off places, of new cultures and cities, of living in another country, experiencing a new life. It is not that I want to run away from the life I have, but I have always had a desire…a need to travel. I’ve always felt that there was something more for me. That where I live isn’t necessarily where I belong.

I don’t want to constantly be changing where I live and never settle down somewhere but there are places that I feel I must visit. The closer I get to my trip to the United Kingdom the more I believe that I will get there and realize I may never want to leave (which finding a job in the UK is actually pretty difficult).

Fernweh. It is the perfect word. It makes sense. It describes exactly how I feel. I’ve met so many people who don’t care to travel, who don’t understand the need to see other places to explore new worlds. That life isn’t for me. I need to experience the world that God created for me. I need to see the work He has done on different continents, the people from across the glove. The history that has shaped our lives. I’m ready for the adventure. Are you? What places are you longing to see? Where is it you would like to go?





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  1. I’ve read a lot about that word too… I think it’s fascinating and I’ve heard it defined as a homesickness for a place you’ve never been. Such a cool concept!


  2. I’ve only just discovered this word too – what a beautiful way to describe what so many of us feel! And I’m with you – completely baffled by those who don’t feel the need or the pull to explore… best of luck with your adventures though!!



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