12 Trips in 12 Months


I have decided to accept the challenge of 12 Trips in 12 months from TRVL 101. Now this may sound crazy and impossible but as I thought about it I realized that traveling didn’t mean I had to leave the country, or even the state. There are tons of places in my own neighborhood I have yet to visit. So whether it is traveling across the country to visit a friend or across the street to trying a new restaurant I’ve committed that each month I will go somewhere new.

Things I’ve considered are restaurants I’ve always wanted to try, local festivals and events, there are some larger trips that will be mixed in but since I am not independently wealthy I decided to find some alternatives to just big trips (However, if you would like to donate a million or two I wouldn’t say no).

Although it is already February, I will make a post from my January trip later this week!

Can’t wait to see where this challenge will take me!

Join me! And let me know what places you are planning to explore!


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