Nerd Tours Tuesday: Route 66

Spring has arrived! With the cold weather moving out the days are just calling for long drives with the windows down and some country music. I’ve always loved Route 66, and with a beautiful day this past Sunday I thought it would be the perfect time to head out and enjoy the weather.

I am also using these places as my 12 Trips in 12 Months post, because you don’t always have to fly or drive far away to enjoy a trip, sometimes it’s just a few hours spent in your own city.

Route 66 ranges from Chicago to LA, however, since that road trip is a bit more time than I had available, I am focusing on the Oklahoma City portion. One of the places I take anyone who visits me is to the restaurant Pops on Route 66. They have bottled sodas from all over the world! With over 700 flavors it will be a hard choice to make! However, I always go for the Dr. Pepper, mostly because it’s one of the few places you can get it with cane sugar instead of the normal corn syrup!


Be careful though, although they have your normal flavors like Cherry and Birch Beer, they also have Peanut Butter, Bacon and some others! Enjoy browsing all the types of sodas and enjoy a burger while you’re at it!



Just down the street is the historical Round Barn in Arcadia. Over the years it has been restored, there is a gift shop on the lower level where you can also learn about all the history, and on the top is a room that can be rented out. Although this doesn’t take a lot of time, I always swing by and walk around when I am out this way.


This is the ceiling in the barn. It’s just cool to look at.IMG_6670

Route 66 spans many states across the country, you can check out websites like The Mother Road to find other things to visit along Route 66, whether it’s on your next day trip, or as you travel across the country. You can also make an amazing playlist with all the songs about Roadtrips, Route 66, and about Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona



And there is so much, so much to see…

I don’t have a full post today, there will be one this week, but for now I leave you with this.


The Travel Dilemma


In a little over a year from now I plan to make my next big trip. As a planner by nature I have been working on where I will be headed next. Last year when I went to Wales I was able to spend a day in London and now all I want to do is go back and stay in London longer. Since moving there at the moment doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment, visiting may be the next best option.

When considering travel there are many things that can create a problem. From finances, to schedules, to finding a travel buddy. However, my biggest issue currently is do I go some place I’ve never been or do I go back to a place that I’ve been but would like to explore more. My heart wants to go to London, but this world is so big, with so many things to see how do I justify returning somewhere?

I have some time before needing to make a decision, but there are so many places to choose from, so where do I go next?

How do you choose where to travel too? What is it based on? The people? The sites? The cheapest ticket?


12 Trips 12 Months: February

I know it’s almost half way into March, and I really slacked on posting my February 12 Trips in 12 Months post. However, better late than never!

February Trip to Universal Studios Florida!

I previously posted specifically about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which you can see at Nerd Tours Tuesday: Hogwarts Edition.

We spent a day each in Universal Studios, and in Island of Adventures. It was a blast! I am not going to write to much because pictures are more fun! Enjoy!


Island of Adventures!



The Delorean!


The Monster Cafe is a lot of fun! The food is good, and great prices for a theme park, the portions are huge! And they play old Monster movies in the background!


Who wouldn’t want to be a Minion!


The Harry Potter portions of both parks were still my favorite! Guess I am just a nerd at heart!


#30by30 Number 17: French Macaroons

#30by30 Number 17: Try a new recipe every month.

March: French Macaroons with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

#30by30 French Macaroons

#30by30 French Macaroons

For a while now these have been on my list to attempt to make. I used this recipe from Fine Cooking with the Vanilla Buttercream frosting. Many consider Vanilla boring. I think of it as delicious! Vanilla is actually one of my favorite things.

The cookies came out pretty good, the filling is a little sweet, and the cookies super delicate, I have to pay more precise attention next time I make these. (And I will make them again, I may even venture into other flavors!)

I call this one a success! Now to enjoy them and figure out what to make next month!


Tracking my Travel


I always wanted to have a way to show where I have been. One of the ways I do this is that I always purchase a Christmas ornament (or something I can turn into an ornament) from every place that I have been. However, I still wanted something that I could show year round, without having random souvenirs cluttering the house.

I know there are a bunch of websites and apps and things that you can use to track where you’ve been and where you want to go. I wanted something more tangible that I could show off, a map that I could physically hang and stick a pin in.

I ordered a 24×36 Bulletin Board, a silver and black map of the world from Amazon and because I’m a little particular I ordered map tacks through Etsy. You can easily get them at Amazon and in multi-color packs, but I found a seller on Etsy that I could choose three colors for a set.

I chose my colors based on my favorites and what I wanted each to represent.

Purple: Places I’ve been.

Blue: Places I want to go.

Green: Places I want to return too.

I had to trim down the map to fit the board, and plan to paint the edge of the bulletin board once I commit to the color I want.

I also plan to add a quote to the corner, I just haven’t found the right one. Any suggestions?

Overall though I love this piece and it now hangs over my bed, and I cannot wait to switch out pins to mark the new places I have been!