#30by30 : Update Number 2

Here is my 6 month update on my #30by30 list!


1. Read the Bible from cover to cover.

I am using a chronological reading plan, so chapters have been jumping around a bit, I have placed an asterick after the books I have started but not completed.

1 Samuel
2 Samuel*
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles*
2 Chronicles

2. Volunteer 100 hours outside the church.

CYC: 26 Hours

3. Pay off credit card and at least one student loan.

If all goes to plan credit card should be payed off at the end of September and I can start hitting the student loan more!

4. Take a row class at the boat house.


5. Lose Weight.

This is frustrating.

6. Learn to play an instrument.

7. Double Savings Account.


8. Read 100 Books of various genres.

I am behind, I wasn’t expecting to be slightly burnt out from reading.

1. A Brush with Love by Rachel Hauck
2.Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey
3. Hawk by Ronie Kendig
4. Danger in the Shwadows by Dee Henderson
5. How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck
6. The Dandelion Field by Kathryn Springer
7. Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado
8. Seasons of Fire by Lisa T. Bergren
9. Rasmus and the Vagabond by Astrid Lindgren
10. Nourished by Becky Johnson
11. The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson
12. Three Little Words by Melissa Tagg
13. From the Start by Melissa Tagg
14. Taken by Dee Henderson
15. The Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

Currently Reading:

15. Unoffendable by Brant Hansen
16. A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade
17. Called to be Amish by Marlene Miller
18. Falcon by Ronie Kendig
19. Glory Days by Max Lucado
20. 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

9. Intentional Friendships/Relationships


Y’all stole my phone, which makes this fair game.

IMG_9308 IMG_9309

10. Finish London/Wales Book

Still working…

11. Redefining Me

This is going to be a new year, the best year yet. I am updating my wardrobe and just overall making changes to my everyday.

12. Write a book

Not Started.

13. Finish Quilt

In progress.

14. Tithe

I’m crossing this one off the list, because my church has set up automatic withdrawals, so now I don’t have to worry about remembering!

15. Run Lights during an evening service of Youth America


IMG_8273 IMG_8393IMG_9093

16. Blog twice a week


17. Try a new recipe every month

I want to try out a new recipe once a month.



#30by30 French Macaroons



#30by30 Crepes





Garlic Parmesean Pasta



Spaghetti Squash with Spinach, Bacon and Goat Cheese


18. Fear less. Love More.

19. 12 Trips in 12 Months

February: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Florida


March: Route 66- Oklahoma


April: Cruise- Long Beach, California, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan


May: Beautiful Offerings Tour


June: Outdoor Movies


July: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls, Stone Harbor New Jersey, and New York

IMG_8652      IMG_9047

August: Grease Sing-A-Long
Because sometimes the fun things are just down the street.


You can keep track of the places I’ve been at #12Trips12Months

20. Learn to whistle

Because, why not?

21. Be more decisive

In Progress

22. Contacts

I’m going back on forth in getting contacts, but I have a glasses appt. this week so that’s a step in the right direction!

23. New York

24. Declutter

How have I accumulated so much stuff?

25. Be More Positive

This sounds so much easier than it is.

26. Make a decision on where to live/work/move

Ha. Ha. Ha.

27. Have a Small Group

After summer.

28. Travel

This is a constant in my life.

29. Slide the City

July 25. Slide the City.

I need to replace this one, Slide the City was on the day of a conference I have attended the last 5 years, so suggestions to take #29s place.

30. 30th Birthday Trip


Summer? Where did you go?

Where did the summer go and how did August get her? I’ve been AWOL for almost two months now, I didn’t mean to leave the blog hanging abandoned for so long, but with 6 weeks of youth camp, a week of kids camp, foster kids camp a rental camp and a week and a half visit home to Pennsylvania. (That trip will be shared through a few posts including a trip to Niagara Falls, Maryland, New Jersey and a bunch of stops in between!)


Over the summer I have made some progess on my #30by30 list and there will be an update later this month (on the 23rd!) I am also searching for an item to add to my list as the Slide the City event happened on the Women of Faith conference which I have attended for the last 5 years and since it was the farewell tour I felt like I couldn’t miss it, as Slide the City will probably be around next year.

My final planned trip of the year in Septemeber to Disney World with my nephews so at this point I am also considering where to go next! There are so many places to see! And with nothing planned the world is at my disposal!