Summer? Where did you go?

Where did the summer go and how did August get her? I’ve been AWOL for almost two months now, I didn’t mean to leave the blog hanging abandoned for so long, but with 6 weeks of youth camp, a week of kids camp, foster kids camp a rental camp and a week and a half visit home to Pennsylvania. (That trip will be shared through a few posts including a trip to Niagara Falls, Maryland, New Jersey and a bunch of stops in between!)


Over the summer I have made some progess on my #30by30 list and there will be an update later this month (on the 23rd!) I am also searching for an item to add to my list as the Slide the City event happened on the Women of Faith conference which I have attended for the last 5 years and since it was the farewell tour I felt like I couldn’t miss it, as Slide the City will probably be around next year.

My final planned trip of the year in Septemeber to Disney World with my nephews so at this point I am also considering where to go next! There are so many places to see! And with nothing planned the world is at my disposal!


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