1. Read the Bible from cover to cover.

For how much I read and I’ve tried numerous Bible Reading plans there’s just something daunting about trying to get through Leviticus and Numbers, the New Testament I can handle, but some of those Old Testament books are a struggle. However, this year I am committed to finishing!

2. Volunteer 100 hours outside the church.

Last year I was volunteering regularly with Habitat for Humanity, when I picked up a second job to pay down some debt I ended up giving up a lot of my free time. This year I want to get back into doing something that I love. I added the stipulation of outside the church because I work for my church and still serve at my church regularly, I love it and it is nothing against my church but I need to push myself a little more, and I would like to meet some different people along the way.

3. Pay off credit card and at least one student loan.

No explanation necessary. I am tired of debt.

4. Take a row class at the boat house.


5. Lose Weight.

I need to get in shape. I have an amount in mind that I won’t be revealing because some people have discouraged me by saying it’s to much. I will say this about my goal though, it’s a healthy weight, I will not be crash dieting or doing anything insane, I am just choosing smaller portions, healthier options and exercise. The number may seem high but that is only because my body type is great at hiding how much I actually weigh.

6. Learn to play an instrument.

I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument. I’ve never played anything before, unless you count my brief time attempting to learn guitar. What instrument? I don’t know. Any suggestions?

7. Double Savings Account.

Exactly what it says.

8. Read 100 Books of various genres.

I read a lot. However, I tend to get stuck in the same 2-3 genres, this year I want to expand on the books I read. You can keep up with the books I am reading at 100 Books.

9. Intentional Friendships/Relationships

This year I am committing to being more intentional about my relationships, instead of talking about meeting up for coffee I am going to schedule time. I am going to make sure to stay in better contact with friends, and reach out to good friends that I haven’t talked to as much as I would like.

10. Finish London/Wales Book

I’ve been working on a scrapbook from my trip last October and it still isn’t done. Time to change that.

11. Redefining Me

This is going to be a new year, the best year yet. I am updating my wardrobe and just overall making changes to my everyday.

12. Write a book

It doesn’t have to be amazing, or even mediocre but I’ve always thought about writing a book some day.

13. Finish Quilt

I started a summer quilt this past fall, and I will admit it hasn’t made much progress since Christmas. I would like to have this done by Spring…or before the time it’s to hot to use my quilt lined with fleece.

14. Tithe

In the past I have allowed my finances to dictate my tithing, this year that is going to change and I am going to be making sure I am tithing regularly.

15. Run Lights during an evening service of Youth America

I’ve run lights for Youth America a few times just not an evening service, last year I had an opportunity and I was completely overwhelmed and things just didn’t go as planned. This summer I am determined to run lights during an evening service. What is Youth America? Check it out at YouthAmerica.org

16. Blog twice a week

You’ve probably noticed my blogging game has been a bit sporadic. This year I commit to blogging two times a week, the only time I am giving myself a pass is when I am away.

17. Try a new recipe every month

I want to try out a new recipe once a month.

18. Fear less. Love More.

This is kinda my mantra for the year. I want to say yes more, to take more risks. I want to be me around everyone and not be concerned of what they may think. I want people to see me for me.

19. 12 Trips in 12 Months

I  am committing to taking a trip every month. Financially this would be impossible but I am including things that are local, restaurants I’ve never tried, festivals throughout the state! You can keep track of the places I’ve been at #12Trips12Months

20. Learn to whistle

Because, why not?

21. Be more decisive

I’m not necessarily a people-pleaser but I am a peace-maker (it’s a middle child thing) so I want everyone to enjoy what is they are doing. I want to be more decisive in choosing the things I like to do, and not always negotiating.

22. Contacts

This one really has no real rationale except I’ve been thinking about getting contacts for years, and maybe if I put it on this list I will actually do it.

23. New York

No specifics for this yet,I have a friend in New York who I have attempted to make plans to visit every time I have been home the last few years. I am planning to make it work this year.

24. Declutter

Over the last five years I’ve managed to gain a lot of stuff. I really want to just simplify my life and declutter in every aspect.

25. Be More Positive

Sometimes I get sucked into negativity and this year I am going to be more positive, and be more aware of where/when I am negative and work on counteracting that.

26. Make a decision on where to live/work/move

I am giving myself a year to either commit to where I am living now, finding a real career or if I am going to move on to some place else.

27. Have a Small Group

I’ve considered leading a small group for years now, it may be time to make the jump.

28. Travel

Because it is a part of me, and will always make it onto any list of things I want to accomplish.

29. Slide the City

Because this looks awesome. Slide the City.

This one may change because the date hasn’t been announced yet.

30. 30th Birthday Trip

Because I will be 30. And another excuse to travel…not that I need one.

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