#30by30 Number 17: French Macaroons

#30by30 Number 17: Try a new recipe every month.

March: French Macaroons with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

#30by30 French Macaroons

#30by30 French Macaroons

For a while now these have been on my list to attempt to make. I used this recipe from Fine Cooking with the Vanilla Buttercream frosting. Many consider Vanilla boring. I think of it as delicious! Vanilla is actually one of my favorite things.

The cookies came out pretty good, the filling is a little sweet, and the cookies super delicate, I have to pay more precise attention next time I make these. (And I will make them again, I may even venture into other flavors!)

I call this one a success! Now to enjoy them and figure out what to make next month!