Decluttering 2015.

It’s already 7 days into 2015. 7 days. Seriously though, where did 2013 go? And it’s already 2015? I don’t understand. 7 days into the new year and most of us are standing strong on those New Years Resolutions, the goals we have each set for ourselves, hopefully we will not be a part of the group that come March have given up completely. I heard that it only takes 21 days to develop a habit. That means we are 14 days closer to making some positive changes in our lives.

Although this year instead of focusing on a New Years resolution? goal? dream? challenge? I have opted to make a #30by30 list. 30 things that I will accomplish by my 30th birthday. (I promise to post the list, I am still working on it and open to suggestions!)

One of the things on that list is to declutter my life. I’ve lived in Oklahoma 5 years, moved here from Pennsylvania (by way of Denver) in a Chevy Cobalt. Not to much stuff can fit in two rounds in a sedan, yet somehow, 5 years later, I have managed to have enough stuff to fill up an apartment. (The trips home and my mom loading my luggage with odds and ends from my childhood probably hasn’t helped either). This year I plan to declutter. I’ve already started the process. Slowly making my way to accomplishing my 30 things. How am I going to declutter my life? I’m still figuring that out, but here’s how I plan to start.

5. Wardrobe.

Why does my wardrobe need decluttered? It’s old. I realized this at Christmas Eve Candlelight service, I was wearing a skirt (and it was adorable!) and saw a post a few days later for a friends 7th anniversary. How does that correlate? I bought the skirt to wear to her wedding. So it was time to assess my wardrobe, partly because I am in the process of redefining my style and partly because some clothes from college (possibly high school…) were still members of my wardrobe.

First thing I did was empty my entire closet. Everything out. The only things that returned were items I knew I had worn recently. If I hadn’t worn the item in the last year it was gone. If it had a hole or was beat up it was gone. The items I questioned went into a maybe pile, and than I brought in a friend to help me with the maybe pile.

If you are like me you end up with tons of t-shirts, most of them went, I mean I had t-shirts to colleges I never attended…or applied too. The only exception were two sets of paint clothes.

Socks, if it didn’t have a much when the laundry was done it was gone. (Unless you’re like my room mate and can handle mismatched socks. I just can’t handle it though)

The only item that escaped was my Dr. Seuss hoodie, it holds a lot of memories and is the one thing I couldn’t part with. But only ONE.

As I go to replenish my wardrobe I have also chosen to buy items that cost a bit more but will last me a lot longer.

4. Cabinets


For some reason my bathroom cabinets tend to fill up with items and I convince myself I will use them at some point. If you haven’t used them in the last year, you won’t. Get rid of them. If it has never been opened donate to your local shelter.

The nail polish color you loved in college. Even if you find a time to wear it, it has probably gone bad.

Glitter. There comes a point where body glitter, and glittery lotion are no longer for you. Get rid of them.

Sunblock has an expiration date. After two years it needs replaced.


Tupperware. If it doesn’t have a lid get rid of it.

Cups: If they are no longer the right shape, get rid of them.

3. Computer

This will take a time commitment, but your computer is full of files and dozens of pictures (of selfies, and ‘artsy’ pictures of nature). Invest in an external hard drive, save the images you must have.

Take the time to label folders, use dates if possible. Get rid of documents that were relevant 3 jobs ago. You only need 1 copy of your resume not 8 (Guilty as charged.) Music, there are somethings you will never listen to again.

2. Paperwork

Just like the computer you have tons of copies of receipts, bills, and pay stubs. Figure out what you need to keep (Google can help if you are unsure about certain documents) If you can get rid of it but would like to keep a copy, make digital copies and save them to a flash drive.

Make sure to Shred all documents that have personal information.

1. Books

As an avid reader, this one will be my hardest to tackle. Over the years I have won books and been gifted many books but lets face it, Great Aunt Opal doesn’t always have the best taste in books. It’s always been hard for me to part with books, but I have so many I haven’t read. I went through my book shelves and 3 piles.

Books I’ve Read

Books I haven’t Read and will consider reading

Books to donate

I started with the first pile and decided which books I would read again. They returned to the shelf. The second pile received it’s own shelf. I’ve given myself a year, if I don’t read it in that time they will be donated/given away. If I choose in the future that I really wanted to read it, I can go to the library.

Books to donate, pretty self explanatory. Donate to the library, goodwill or friends, a lot of times I fill a crate with books and take it to a small group, usually the crate is empty by the time I leave and I know my books are headed to a good home.

It’s not much, it’s not going to be a quick fix, but it’s a start. Here’s to a new year and a decluttered life.