Asking Better Questions.

I love traveling and learning and finding out information. Books have always helped me to discover new things and find new adventures to embark on. For me, people are another story. I love getting to know people and connecting with them but I struggle to actually make it to that point. Meeting people tends to be difficult, I can formulate the perfect introduction in my head and how to get to know a new person but when it comes to the art of actually speaking…well that’s where my problem comes in. My words get stuck and never seem to come out in the correct order.

I think that in our technology driven world, where we are always on the go and glued to our phones/tablets/devices we forget to really notice the people around us anymore. Sure we say hello and ask how they are doing, but do we really mean it or say it out of habit because it is what we are supposed to do. I know I am a culprit of it, but I also know that I will pass people in the halls at work who will ask me how I am doing yet continue walking before you can even answer.

I don’t want to get so focused on posting on social media, or too involved in my work and forget to genuinely connect with people. I want to learn to ask better questions that will actually tell me who a person is, what they are dealing with and why they choose to do the things they do. I want to listen to stories about life and process and how they got where they are today.

I’m over relationships being based upon what I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to step back and really get to know people again. It’s a step out of my comfort zone, I’m never really the one to speak up, and I struggle with what to say and keep a conversation going. However, I think it’s time I quit making excuses and just do it.