“We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”

I have this thing about shoes. I hate replacing them. I wear them as long as possible. To the point that they are falling apart and dead. When I came home from college for a visit I use to have to hide my shoes or my Mom would find a way to make them disappear. Need proof? Here’s what my last three years of shoes have looked like.





My shoes are loved. They are filled with stories. My latest pair (the top picture) are past the point of wearable, and although it should be easy going into a shoes store and buying a new pair, it’s not. (It took me around 6 shopping trips to finally suck it up and purchase the polka-dot pair). When I think of everywhere those shoes have taken me, the stories that fill them, I’m not ready to part with them. I’m not a super sentimental person, but there’s just something about my shoes, where they’ve been and where they are going that makes me not want to give them up.

My last pair survived 5 weeks of Youth America Summer Camp, a week of Kids Camp and a week of Foster Kids Camp. They traveled to the Massachusetts and Pennsylvania this summer and walked through downtown Boston and historic Salem. They spent a week in Disney World making memories with family. Flew across the ocean and landed in Cardiff, Wales stepping through time and visiting castles. They boarded a train and walked all over the city of London, took a cruise down the Thames, wandered from Baker Street to Platform 9 3/4. They returned to the states and survived Leadership Conference and Christmas Spectacular.

These shoes have been a lot of places this year. They’ve made some memories. They are filled with stories, choices made, took a left instead of a right.

I guess it’s time for a new pair though. A new year, a new set of stories and memories to create. A new adventure. New Changes. Maybe this time it will be a right instead of a left. You never know what stories await you just around the corner. And as the 11th Doctor once said “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”