Travel can be affordable.

Finances often are the main thing that keeps us from travelling. The truth is that you do not need to be rich to travel, you just need to have the desire to go.

Travel isn’t just about saving the money, there is a lot to do in planning, and finding the right price. Before thinking of all that, the biggest hurdle to tackle is finances. For the longest time I told myself that when I had the money I would travel, but the truth is that we will always have bills to pay. Car Payments, Student Loans, Rent. They are a part of life, but they don’t have to keep you from travelling. I don’t advise putting travel onto a credit card unless you are able to pay it off immediately.

Last year I came across a savings plan on Pinterest that has allowed me to travel, it was very simple. The first week you start you put $1 aside, the second week $2, the third week $3 and so on. I attached a chart that will get you through the year. I found that listing out each week of the year and crossing it off as you go is helpful, if I had extra money one week I would cross off a larger week. After a year you will find that you’ve saved 1,378.00. My upcoming trip with hotel and airfare has cost me 1600.00. What I did was I started this savings plan in October and than a second separate in January. Throughout the year there is always temptation to take money out of your travel funds, but if it’s something you really want to do you will let it be until you are ready to travel.

There is no need to do two savings plans through the year, I found it beneficial because it has also allowed me to have spending money. It is also possible to find trips for less. Travel takes planning, it may mean waiting a year until you save up the money, but in the end it is worth the wait. And when you return you can start all over again!

Savings Plan