Summer? Where did you go?

Where did the summer go and how did August get her? I’ve been AWOL for almost two months now, I didn’t mean to leave the blog hanging abandoned for so long, but with 6 weeks of youth camp, a week of kids camp, foster kids camp a rental camp and a week and a half visit home to Pennsylvania. (That trip will be shared through a few posts including a trip to Niagara Falls, Maryland, New Jersey and a bunch of stops in between!)


Over the summer I have made some progess on my #30by30 list and there will be an update later this month (on the 23rd!) I am also searching for an item to add to my list as the Slide the City event happened on the Women of Faith conference which I have attended for the last 5 years and since it was the farewell tour I felt like I couldn’t miss it, as Slide the City will probably be around next year.

My final planned trip of the year in Septemeber to Disney World with my nephews so at this point I am also considering where to go next! There are so many places to see! And with nothing planned the world is at my disposal!


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere..


“I want adventure in the great wide somwhere…”

Alright, so maybe I kidnapped that line from one of my favorite movies, but it is so true. I’ve always had it in my head that once I graduated college I needed to find the perfect career, to be in a job that had upward mobility, that I could make a living from and have a retirement from the end. This probably came from my mom continually telling me that she wants me to just find a good job that can go somewhere (I was told this once again earlier today, you think by 29 she’d realize it’s not exactly in the plans for me).

I don’t want to just have a job, a career to be able to have a retirement in my future, I want to have a job that allows me to travel to explore. My moms idea of travel tends to be cruises with excursions that have guides to parts of islands that have been commercialized and show nothing about the culture except what is practiced and rehearsed and allowed by the cruise companies. I’ve taken to traveling on my own, yet haven’t figured out how to tell her I don’t want her idea of traveling.

I don’t want to travel and stay at all-inclusives where you stay on a resort and never leave, I don’t want to take guided tours through a city or see the the latest tourist attraction. I want to stroll through the streets of Italy eating gelato, learn how to surf in Hawaii, watch the aurora borealis from Norway, wander the streets of London searching for fabric. I want to hike through the highlands of Scotland, maybe happen upon a castle or Nessie. I want to take part of a lantern festival in Thailand and explore the marine life in Australia. I want to travel to see the world, to meet new people, immerse myself into a new culture. I don’t want to travel to escape life, I want to travel to experience all the world has to offer and more.

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of decisions to make, what job to choose next, where to move, if I should stay in the states or look elsewhere for a job. Essentially where do I go next, I don’t know what the future has in store, but I do know that I will continue to explore and search for the adventure in it all.


Nerd Tours: Hay-on-Wye The Town of Books Part 2

I’ve been organizing my pictures lately and found more from my trip to Hay-on-Wye so decided to share them. See the first post Here.

IMG_5023 IMG_5030 IMG_5038 IMG_5028 IMG_5025-Elle

Nerd Tours Tuesday: Hay-On-Wye the Town of Books

Hay-on-Wye: The Town of Books.

We’ve all seen the pictures on pinterest. A town full of books, shelves indoors and outdoors, rows and rows of books in one small quaint town. This is the place only book-nerds dream of! And than the impossible happens! You discover that it exists! This is how your average book addict/travel blogger would respond.

giphyOnce more, once you discover this town and learn it is within 2 hours of where you are staying in Wales it is time to plan your visit. Hay-On-Wye is in Wales and literally translates as “The town of books.” The town is literally full of book stores, many of which are themed, mostly second hand and antique books but so much phone to get lost in. My only regret was that I was not there during Hay Fest in May, it’s a HUGE book festival that has hosted J.K Rowling, Steven Moffat and so many more! Some day I will be there for the festival!

DSCF0193 DSCF0191

Murder and Mayhem!DSCF019910665213_808996846973_9022506969154487250_nDSCF0205One of the cool things you see all throughout Hay are honesty boxes, where you pay for the books you purchase in the little box attached to the shelf.

Also if you have time stop by one of the local restaurants for a meal, we were there on a Sunday and had there Sunday dinner special! It felt like a home-cooked meal and the restaurant felt like we were just hanging out at a friends house and enjoying a meal together.


I loved my time and Hay and cannot wait to go back sometime to experience Hay Fest! The town is literally on the England/Wales border and although out of the way is a beautiful drive and so worth it!


I’ve always wanted to travel…


12 Trips. 12 Months.

12 Trips. 12 Months.

April Edition.

I missed my April deadline since it is now May, but I have not forgotten to post about my April Trip! This past month I boarded the Carnival Miracle out of Long Beach California. Our intinerary to us to Los Cabos, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I’ve cruised many times before but this was the first cruise we’ve ever taken on the west coast.


I’ve always enjoyed cruising, the ability to travel to multiple places without having to deal with the details of traveling to each place. I also love the water, saltwater runs through my veins and I find that I will never tire of the ocean. And no matter what, when ocean meets sky you are will always have an amazing view.IMG_7177Years ago I had traveled on the Carnival Miracle, but now it is evident that the ship is slightly run-down and often times felt understaffed in areas. The shows onboard were mediocre and not at the same level as previous Carnival Cruises (Disclaimer: I am big into theatre and entertainment so my standards tend to be higher than the average guest.) I was happy to see Carnival celebrating their 5 year anniversary as partners with St. Jude Children’s hospital.


The ports were nice to see, not sure if I would really venture towards any of them again, if I had to choose one it would be Puerto Vallarta. We didn’t do an excursion in Cabo, and were bored after just a few hours. Mazatlan we did a land and sea excursion which was alright, not the best, not sure if it was worth the money but after seeing the town it probably wouldn’t have been worthwhile to not take part in an excursion. In Puerto Vallarta a last minute decision led us to board a pirate ship for a show, beach time and a meal. By far this was the best part of the entire cruise, the crewmembers were amazing, the food delicious, and the beach private with no one trying to sell you a bunch of junk.


I enjoyed my time away, and having the chance to relax as much as possible. For how much I love the ocean I am not sure if I will be booking another cruise anytime soon. This trip was a bit disappointing and not on par of what I have come to expect from Carnival.


The Trouble with Travel.


The trouble with loving to travel and explore new places is that you are always dreaming of the next adventure, the next place to explore. With so many places to think about one begins to get restless with where they live. In a few months it will mark 5 years since I’ve moved to Oklahoma, the longest I have stayed in one place since college. I’ve loved living in Oklahoma, but as I look back at the last 5 years I find myself wondering what I have accomplished here. And if there is anything keeping me here.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference, to have an impact on the world I live in. To effect the people around me, change the world I live in. I find myself realizing that if I chose to leave Oklahoma there is nothing I would be leaving behind, I haven’t made the connections with people, I haven’t made an impact on the place I live which leaves me wondering do I stay or do I move on? Is my restlessness due to my love of travel and seeing new places, or because of not having accomplished the things I once dreamed of?

There are places that I would love to live, to explore, things I want to see,change, experience and now it just takes finding the next step, wthether that be Oklahoma, North Carolina or maybe even London I don’t know, we will just have to see what the future holds for me and my restless spirit.


Words to live by.


Nerd Tours Tuesday: Route 66

Spring has arrived! With the cold weather moving out the days are just calling for long drives with the windows down and some country music. I’ve always loved Route 66, and with a beautiful day this past Sunday I thought it would be the perfect time to head out and enjoy the weather.

I am also using these places as my 12 Trips in 12 Months post, because you don’t always have to fly or drive far away to enjoy a trip, sometimes it’s just a few hours spent in your own city.

Route 66 ranges from Chicago to LA, however, since that road trip is a bit more time than I had available, I am focusing on the Oklahoma City portion. One of the places I take anyone who visits me is to the restaurant Pops on Route 66. They have bottled sodas from all over the world! With over 700 flavors it will be a hard choice to make! However, I always go for the Dr. Pepper, mostly because it’s one of the few places you can get it with cane sugar instead of the normal corn syrup!


Be careful though, although they have your normal flavors like Cherry and Birch Beer, they also have Peanut Butter, Bacon and some others! Enjoy browsing all the types of sodas and enjoy a burger while you’re at it!



Just down the street is the historical Round Barn in Arcadia. Over the years it has been restored, there is a gift shop on the lower level where you can also learn about all the history, and on the top is a room that can be rented out. Although this doesn’t take a lot of time, I always swing by and walk around when I am out this way.


This is the ceiling in the barn. It’s just cool to look at.IMG_6670

Route 66 spans many states across the country, you can check out websites like The Mother Road to find other things to visit along Route 66, whether it’s on your next day trip, or as you travel across the country. You can also make an amazing playlist with all the songs about Roadtrips, Route 66, and about Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona



And there is so much, so much to see…

I don’t have a full post today, there will be one this week, but for now I leave you with this.